Wills, Estate Planning, Estate Administration & Trusts

    • Estate Planning (including planning for blended families, disabled beneficiaries etc.)
    • Wills (including multiple Wills)
    • Powers of Attorney for Property and for Personal Care
    • Administration of Estates (including probate applications and advice to executors about their role and responsibilities)
    • Trusts (including family trusts, insurance trusts, disability “Henson” trusts)
    • Estate Accounting and Passing of Accounts
    • Guardianship Applications

In our day to day practice we routinely advise clients regarding estate administration. This experience gives us a unique perspective in our estate planning advice in that by implementing the various aspects of the estate administration we have a better understanding of what should be in a Will and/or Powers of Attorney.

Everyone should have a Will and Powers of Attorney. Not having these in place can create a lot of unnecessary aggravation for your loved ones. If you don’t have a Will and/or Powers of Attorney, please contact us. We would be pleased to assist you with this very important matter.